Saturday, October 16, 2010

A few shelters are rescuing pet owners as well

Life can be challenging and difficult for dogs and the people who love them in these hard economic times. The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is when a pet owner is forced to give up his/her dog or cat because there's no more money to support the pet. The pet's food alone costs plenty and takes up a chunk of the owner's finances.

Fortunately, a lot of pet owners find a way to cope and still keep their dogs and cats.

And guess what, many shelters understand and are now trying to help pet owners by offering an opportunity to buy pet food at a lower cost. My guess is that this cost would be lower than that of prices in places such as PetSmart, though I could be wrong. I'd still have to research this matter and find out. After all, my finances aren't in such good shape as it is, given the high cost of living in terms of higher property taxes, utility bills and whatnot. I can use all of the help I can get!

But what's encouraging is that since shelters are not in good shape either with all of the animals they take in, the shelters still found a way to prevent a greater inflow of animals to take in by helping pet owners in dire financial straits.

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