Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dogs on the bed, yes?

Today, I watched an older movie that featured six dogs, ranging from a mastiff to a scottie. The dogs acted well together and seemed to enjoy laying with their owner on the bed and didn't seem to mind being shooed off. The lady's husband couldn't stand the dogs laying on the bed and objected to their hair laying all around. He probably knew that all animals, dogs included, do shed hair, some dogs more than others.

But other people, like my sister, don't mind dogs sleeping on her bed at all. Both of her dogs are rather large and love to lay on the bed. It isn't unusual to see her pit-bull mix, Aries, just lounging lazily against the pillows. In fact, the bed is Aries' favorite place. Chloe, who is part husky, is way more active than Aries, but prefers sleeping on the bed to the floor at night. And even her cat Moochie has a favorite spot on the bed.

As for my allowing a dog to sleep on the bed, I would prefer that he or she didn't and would hope that a pet bed would be way more comfortable for my dog. A lot of the dog beds I've seen and considered purchasing are rather fancy and super-comfortable. At the same time, I realize that many pets prefer to sleep with their owners at night. So if my dog really seemed like he or she wanted to sleep on the bed with me at night, I'd likely move over and go back to sleep.

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