Monday, October 18, 2010

Dogs' "knowing:

I believe that dogs and other animals are intelligent and respect that. In the case of dogs, for example, I find that their ability to know when their owners are returning home and which way to go during a walk are nothing short of amazing. When I walk my sister's dog, Aries, I'll find that Aries will often tug me in the direction that he wants to walk. And when my sister walks Chloe at the same time, Aries will follow their direction and seem to want to follow them, for the most part.

I know, I know, a lot of dogs' abilities to do these things are purely instinctual.

With other things, I'm not so sure. Like the time I've seen one or even both of my sister's dogs staring in one direction. But there's nothing there! Or sometimes, hear one or both of them bark or growl. Alarmed, I'll look out the window and see nothing. It's scary.

And it would be scarier to think of that same thing happening in a house whose interior rooms are spooky. I probably would have put a leash on the dog, run to my car and get out as soon as possible. And I bet the dog wouldn't have any idea of what was going on. Or maybe he would and keep up with me as we ran out of the house. But surely, the dog would have sensed something and reacted way ahead of me.

Dogs just know.

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