Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dogs can be so funny!

I can understand why people love their dogs so much. Each dog has his or her unique personality, of course, and the way in which it manifests itself can be quite amusing. A few examples:

- My aunt inherited her little terrier, Skippy, from her mother and took good care of him. For example, she'd wash him occasionally and feed him good food. However, bath time was always a hassle. My aunt would begin by calling Skippy and when the dog arrived, my aunt would say, "Bath!" Skippy must have sensed that whatever was going to happen was not going to be good and he responded by showing his teeth. He would then do that everytime anyone said the word, "bath" to him.

- My sister's dog, Aries, doesn't walk forward through a doorway. Rather, he turns around and heads for the doorway butt-first. In other words, he walks backward without missing a beat.

- My sister's other dog, the husky-mix named Chloe, loves to be hand-fed raw stringbeans, one at a time. She would also accept each stringbean gracefully, without biting or being rude. My dad couldn't get over that. Once, he tried placing a stringbean on the floor, but Chloe refused to go near it. But when he held out a stringbean to her, she opened her mouth and accepted it gracefully.

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