Friday, October 29, 2010

Dogs as "passengers" in cars

I'm ok with dogs sitting in the front seat of a car, buckled in maybe?  It's the cutest sight. My dad once owned a rather large dog named "Princess." Princess would sit in the front seat of his minivan and was extremely well-behaved. For one thing, she didn't hang out her head out the window. She lived to a ripe old age too.

If I had such a well-behaved dog, I would probably allow it to sit next to me in the car. I would also make sure that the passenger window was closed or open just a little. And yeah, I would find a way to strap the dog in the seat.

Yet I see a lot of dog owners who do the opposite thing by allowing their dogs to sit next to a passenger window that is wide open. Naturally, the dog is going to want to look out and extend its paws on the door and even bark at unsuspecting pedestrians or cyclists. Everytime I see this, I keep wondering what is wrong with the dog owner?  That person needs to wake up and protect his or her dog by leaving the window closed or just open wide enough so that the dog can't shove its head to look out of the window.

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