Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dogs and Halloween

My sister once had a dog that she named Cooper, who resembled the cartoon dog Marmaduke. The thing about Cooper was that he thought that he was a person and enjoyed things like dancing and giving five. But one thing that Cooper especially enjoyed was Halloween.

My sister had no problem one Halloween dressing up Cooper in a Superman costume. Unlike Superman, the human, Cooper's cape was short so as not to interfere with his tail that wagged often. My sister even entered Cooper in a Halloween costume contest. Unfortunately, the contest was won by a guinea pig wrapped in a piece of flannel as a "pig in a blanket." But Cooper had fun and seemed to enjoy all of the attention from other people and animals.

I thought about Cooper this morning as I read an article about three smaller-sized dogs being entered in a Halloween costume contest. Of course, their costumes were fancier. They wore little hats and dresses!

Anyway, if I ever had a dog whose termperament was similar to Cooper's, I would not hesitate to dress him or her up for Halloween. I'd also think ahead and buy a simple costume that would be easy to put on and remove. I can almost see that dog wagging his tail excitedly and actually letting me dress him up for Halloween.

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