Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dogs and cats coexisting?

Before adopting any dog, I would want to make sure that it would be able to coexist peacefully with my four adult cats. My cats have their own places to sit and sleep, but would probably take issue with a dog....any dog.

However, I know that having cats and dogs coexisting under the same roof is possible. My sister and her two dogs and two cats is a case in point. She had her dogs, Aries and Chloe first. Then sometime after that, she began feeding a stray cat who managed to show up regularly for food. Quite a few months passed before my sister was able to finally get the cat in. When she did, my sister discovered that the cat whom she named Moochie, was already spayed. And recently, she visited PetSmart and adopted another adult cat.

So when my sister only had Moochie, she allowed Moochie some refuge in a spare room. While the dogs roamed about in the house, Moochie would hide in the spare room. This went on for awhile until very gradually, Moochie and the dogs got used to each other and basically left each other alone. In other words, they peacefully coexist. Now how the new cat, who was originally named Douglas, will get along remains to be seen. But I have every confidence that he will.

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