Friday, October 1, 2010

Diet? Did you say diet?

Dogs like my sister's dog, Chloe, eats raw stringbeans, for example. And Chloe enjoys those stringbeans more when you hand-feed them, one by one to her. My dad used to do that all of the time. In the beginning, he couldn't believe that Chloe would eat stringbeans like that, so he tried feeding them to her himself.

Gotta admit that stringbeans are healthy. As long as an animal will eat something like that in addition to regular dog food, there's no harm in it.

Of course, Chloe and Aries enjoy an occasional treat every now and then, such as Frosty Paws. The stuff looks like ice cream and God only knows what it tastes like. But hey, the dogs like to eat that, so why not?

And the dogs typically don't beg at the table, unless we humans are eating roasted chicken or turkey. My sister will happily oblige by selecting a piece of meat and tossing it out to the dogs. One thing she doesn't do is ever toss bones. There's danger in doing that, as sometimes smaller bones can get lodged in a dog's throat, for example, and become a serious problem.

Other times, my sister will cook for her dogs, using meat AND certain vegetables. Her dogs are healthy and happy with that combination. Not sure if I would go through all of that trouble because half the time, I don't even cook for myself.

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