Friday, October 1, 2010

Can dogs and cats really get along?

I, for one, think that they can. My sister owns two big dogs, Chloe and Aries, AND a cat, Moochie, that used to be a stray. The dogs basically leave the cat alone and the cat does her own thing. They all seem to get along.

Of course, getting them to get along had to be done gradually. At first, my sister kept putting food and water out for Moochie until the cat became friendlier and began to venture close to the house. A few weeks went by and Moochie was soon eating food in the breezeway and soon after that, she was in the house. She had her own little perch by the window in a spare room and there was no way for the dogs, especially Chloe, to reach her. Gradually, all of the animals reached a point where they coexisted peacefully and still do.

The whole key to getting all of this to happen is having patience and not try to rush anything. It's tempting to grab the cat and push it into the house that has two big dogs. After all, progress does take time and it does happen, even if it isn't obvious right away.

My situation is different in that I have four cats who totally rule the roost. Whether or not they would tolerate a dog, even a small dog, remains to be seen.

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