Friday, October 1, 2010

the barking factor

One time, I researched some information on barking dogs. A lot of what I read wasn't new. For example, dogs have a reason for barking, such as being lonely and wanting attention. Nor is it possible to scream shut up at a barking dog and expect it to stop the noise.

A few of the more positive suggestions included providing toys for the dog, feeding it,  giving it more attention, and even ignoring its barking. Personally, I'd find ignoring a barking dog very distracting. I'd wonder why he or she was making such a commotion because really, you never know. Maybe there's a stranger lurking somewhere and casing your house.

Positive suggestions like that do help, I suppose. But everytime I hear a dog bark, my first reaction is to find out why it is barking in the first place and second of all, to tell it to quiet down. That's why one of my criteria for finding the perfect dog is how much it barks or not.

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