Monday, October 4, 2010

At last, a way to save more pet lives in the event of a fire

At least in Boston, there will be oxygen masks designed for pets as well.  Now hopefully, at least in that area, the chances of dogs and other pets not dying from smoke inhalation in a fire will have improved. This is a great idea that I wished that I had thought of.

While I applaud this effort to save pet lives, I also wondered if pet owners would remember to put the oxygen masks on their pets' snouts during a fire. It just seems that in that stressful, dangerous time, there are a lot of things that have to be done ---- simultaneously. Of course, saving all lives is first and foremost. Once that's taken care of, finding time to put on oxygen masks and grabbing money and possessions is at a premium. Sadly, in many cases, there is only enough time to leave the premises and be thankful that lives were saved.

Another aspect of this problem is being able to locate and put on these masks in the shortest possible time.

Hopefully, more efforts will be devoted to making oxygen masks more effective for our precious dogs, cats and other small pets.

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