Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amazing accessories for dogs

Not having owned a dog, I was only familiar with basic items such as food dishes, leashes, beds and collars. However, the range of items available for dogs is just amazing. I've listed the items that caught my attention below:

Booster Bath:  Ok, this is basically a bathtub for dogs. The only difference between that and its counterpart for people is that it features four legs and nearly resembles a small table. I can understand why. Back in the day, anyone who wanted to wash a dog usually chose a large barrel to hold some water and the dog. My girlfriend's dad did this when he tried to wash their shaggy-haired dog, Mitzi. The minute Mitzi was lathered up, she sprung up out of the tub dripping suds and water and ran out of the front door. And naturally, father and daughter rushed out after Mitzi and bought her home. Just saying.

Pet Dryer:  This device looks like and is used like a regular blowdryer. The only difference is that it is made for use on dogs. But I bet that using that it does a more thorough job than a plain towel.

Waste Carrier:  You've probably seen dog owners carrying and using supermarket plastic bags for picking up dog poo. Well, this product does look very much like a plastic bag. The only thing is that it is attached to a leash somehow. I don't know. My sister ties a supermarket bag loosely on the leash, which seems to work for her.

Puppy bumpers: Now this is something that I wished I had invented. The bumpers are padded collars that are placed around a puppy's neck, preventing him or her from escapting through fence slats and balcony rails. The width of these  bumpers makes it impossible for the puppy or small dog to sneak through the slats.

Powdered goat milk:  This product is touted to be really good for dogs and maybe it is. I've never seen it used, so there's not much I can say about it at this point.

Pet caskets:  Instead of stuffing a deceased doggy in a cardboard box and burying that in your backyard, you can buy a pet casket that is shaped like a reclining dog. The casket looks good and probably serves its purpose well, but it might be very pricey. But some people might feel otherwise and would pay the cost of this item. Jury is still out on this one.

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