Thursday, September 30, 2010

When the weather's bad, do you still walk your dog?

As a would-be dog owner, I often wonder how a lot of dog owners seem to have no problem in walking their dogs every day, regardless of weather. If it's pouring outside and there are puddles everywhere and you still get soaked in spite of holding up an umbrella, how much motivation do you have for walking your dog in that weather? Or does your dog seem to intuit that he or she will also experience a lot of discomfort?

When it's hot and humid, where's the motivation?  Or do you just grin and bear it and walk your dog anyway?

When it's snowing or sleeting, where's the motivation?  What do you DO?

I'm sure that love has a lot to do with it. But isn't there some point in which love is replaced by a greater need to stay indoors until the uncomfortable weather changes?  That is, do you just opt to stay indoors and hope that your dog does the same?  Just wondering

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