Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Lessons" learned about liking and wanting a dog

Here they are:

- A little dog that looks so cute is going to annoy you sooner than later with its shrill barking. (Examples include the little white terrier who lives with his masters around the corner and the terrier that my aunt once owned and lost many years ago.)

- Once you own a dog, you have a friend for life. Once you love a dog that's not yours, you could have a friend for life. It all depends. My dad loved Chloe and she stayed by his side always. There was definitely a connection going on. Then when my dad was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, Chloe practically never left his side. Talk about loyalty!

- Being around dogs, even though you don't own them, teaches you about unconditional love. As you get to love a dog, you become a better and more loving person for it and also learn how to be patient and appreciative. I learned this from being around dogs like Cooper and Roxie.

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