Monday, August 3, 2009

Training for dog owners too?

In some books that I have read, the authors suggest that dog owners should receive training as well. Reading that shocked me at first.

But those authors, who happen to be veterinarians, may have a point. There are probably a lot of owners who are inexperienced in handling and caring for their pets, and may be in need of some orientation. Basics, such as how to walk a dog, might be covered as well. Even more important, owners and dogs should be trained together. That way, mistakes can be corrected immediately. The owner would be happy. The dog would be happy.

Having been around dogs, I know that I would have benefited from such training. Then I would not be likely to allow a dog to pull me during a walk. I would likely overcome a tendency to feel that a dog will always be a dog, and should therefore be indulged whenever possible.

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