Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So close to adopting another dog, yet so far.....

My sister loves dogs so much that if she did not adopt Chloe or Aries, she would have gone to one of the local shelters and adopted one there. One time, she wanted to replace a dog who passed away with a dog that looked similar. The deceased dog was a gentle, sweet Rottie named Roxie. And the amazing part was that my sister got this close to finding what she was looking for at the local shelter.

What happened was that she told them about the type of dog she was looking to adopt and the people at the shelter let her look through a thick looseleaf binder just filled with photos and brief descriptions of available dogs at that shelter.

Now you would think that my sister would have found at least one dog that way. But she didn't.

And she isn't likely to be adopting another dog anytime soon, as she's got her hands full with Aries and Chloe.

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