Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another dog gets a loving home

A few weeks ago, one of my neighbors was given or adopted a dog, an all-white little poodle. It's a cute little thing that barks on the slightest provocation and would rather sniff grass than do what its owner wants it to do.

I mention this neighbor because I know that she loves animals, especially dogs. The other thing about her is that she always said that she'd never own any pet because she couldn't stand losing it someday. I understand completely. I can't even imagine losing any of my four cats.

So what amazes me is that this woman finally decided to own a dog again. (She's owned dogs before, but had that thing about coping with their deaths.) And the other thing is that this woman treats her dog with respect and kindness, and puts up with his barking and refusals to poop outside. I have a high regard for her because the dog she adopted was probably homeless and/or unwanted to begin with.

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