Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How I became a foster mom of dogs

All my life, I have loved and owned cats --- and still do! But only a few years ago, I began to appreciate and love dogs as well. The dogs belonged to my sister, who named a few of them, but loved them all. Of those dogs, I will always remember Roxie (a Rottweillor), Cooper, and Paco.

I used to love walking Roxie and Cooper. They were my favorite dogs of all time.

Then what happened next even surprised me. I slowly turned into a foster dog mom. That is, I pet and walked the dogs every time I visited my sister. I got to know the dogs and their personalities and learned how to mind them without going crazy.

And so far, it's working.

I've learned to deal with Aries, a pit bull mix, and stop him from constantly tugging. Then there's Chloe, the Siberian Husky mix, who still seems to enjoy tugging and pulling at her leash. I often kidded my sister about that, saying that she could practically saddle Chloe up and ride her like a pony. Everyone in my sister's suburban neighborhood knows Chloe. How could they ever forget a white dog with blue eyes? Also, Chloe is NOT a puppy, but a mature adult dog.

Having shared a little of my background with dogs, I thought that I would focus on what it is like to be a foster mom for two of a family member's dogs --- and all of the lessons I learned by just being among them.

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